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PharmaShine provides hospital, medical school, and heath system compliance officers with an easy to use, low-cost system for managing the increasing amounts of publicly available data on pharmaceutical and medical device industry payments to physicians and other healthcare professionals.

Drug Makers Reveal Payments to Doctors, but Data Isn't Easy to Parse

The New York Times
April 13, 2010

Over the past couple of years there has been increasing pressure on medical schools, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations to develop reliable solutions for tracking, cross-checking, managing, and disclosing data on industry payments to physicians. The passage of the Physician Payment Sunshine provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act as well as new regulations proposed by the NIH and AAMC have revealed the potential scope of the data management challenges that provider organizations face in this area.

PharmaShine is available as a resource to help you meet these challenges without the investment of scarce internal time and resources, and without the expense and delay caused by engaging external consultants to develop a custom software solution.

The utility of company disclosed payment data to healthcare organizations is clearly outlined the following quote from a recent article authored by researchers at Columbia University's Institute on Medicine as a Profession:

"[M]edical organizations might also take advantage of company disclosure data. Academic medical centers might use company-supplied data to supplement faculty's conflict of interest statements. Pharmacy and therapeutics committees, as well as other purchasing bodies, might use these data in reviewing members' disclosures. So too, professional medical associations might also refer to company data to examine disclosures by officers, directors, and members who help develop educational activities or formulate clinical guidelines. Finally, governmental bodies might compare these data with the disclosure statements of advisory committee members, study group members, and intramural and extramural researchers"

Chimonas S.,Frosch Z.,Rothman, D.J.
From Disclosure to Transparency
The Use of Company Payment Data.
Arch Intern Med.341:2010

Using PharmaShine, you can quickly and easily search, sort, and aggregate industry payments to physicians and other healthcare professionals for administrative, compliance, or research purposes. Using PharmaShine’s alert capabilities, you will be notified whenever a new payment to professionals in your organization is disclosed by industry or government sources.

As new payment data is publicly released by Pharmaceutical and Medical Device companies, PharmaShine immediately captures this information and incorporates it into its online database. As PharmaShine’s database grows, it becomes better able to recognize duplicate and erroneous source data. By applying similar techniques to those used by applications that filter email spam and merge and de-dupe direct mail address lists, PharmaShine has built an error- detection system into its import process that minimizes the likelihood of payments being mis- associated or lost. The result is a large, high-quality set of valuable data that is both optimized for real-time analytics and traceable back to the original source data

More details on PharmaShine’s Institutional Subscription features are provided below:

Institutional Subscriptions
(pricing upon request)

As an Institutional Subscriber, you will receive secure access to your own custom account allowing you to run real-time sophisticated analysis on payments to doctors and staff affiliated with your organization. Each subscription includes the following services

Full access to all PharmaShine services for up to ten (10) individuals at your organization

Access to customized account with sophisticated organizational level view of payments made to providers in your organization See Sample

Automated email alerts notifying you when payments are publicly reported for providers affiliated with your organization

Analyze data for custom groups of providers created by you See Sample

Unlimited e-mail and web-based support with access to all system upgrades and files

For more information on how to obtain an Institutional Subscription for PharmaShine for your organization please contact us or send an email to