Special Access to Dollars for Docs Data for PharmaShine Clients

On June 23rd ProPublica and Obsidian HDS, the developer of PharmaShine, an online service for the management of data on pharmaceutical and device industry payments to healthcare professionals, announced that they would cooperate on the future development of ProPublica's award-winning Dollars for Docs database. This agreement will allow ProPublica to update Dollars for Docs with PharmaShine data and will provide PharmaShine's academic and institutional clients with access to the Dollars for Docs data on PharmaShine's proprietary digital platform.
Richard Tofel, President of ProPublica, said, "ProPublica is delighted to be working with Obsidian HDS. Obsidian HDS has a vast amount of experience with data on industry payments to physicians and access to their resources will allow us to bring Dollars for Docs quickly up-to-date."
George Dunston, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Obsidian HDS, said, "Dollars for Docs has made data on industry payments to physicians widely available to healthcare consumers. This cooperation will allow consumers access to more recent data while providing our academic, research, industry clients with the ability to view the Dollars for Docs data using our proprietary online analytical tools, developed specifically for those who need to use this data in a professional capacity."

About ProPublica

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